To download  Fonts please follow the path below : -


Download each of the following ' Marathi font ' on your machine.

   Procedure :   ( One -Time )   

     Click on ' shree708 ' ( For Example )

     pop-up window will appear.

     click on ok button.

     Another pop-up window will appear ; 

o       Choose appropriate path  to save this font on  your machine.

     For this :

o       select C-drive 

o       select WINDOWS folder

o       select FONTS folder  &

o       then click on 'Save' button

     This will  finish  downloading of  first font file , on your machine.

     Follow same procedure for  remaining  fonts file dev1, wdev002, Shivaji 02 & Shivaji 05.

       " This will enable viewing of Gharanis in Marathi "